Family Dining

5th Grade


Family Dining Scheduler


PLEASE NOTE: No more than three (3) additional family members (with your child, a total of four people). Siblings in Cedar Hill in another grade level may not join you for lunch. You will need to sign up for a separate lunch for that child.




  • This calendar is for scheduling Family Dining for 5th grade students only. Return to the main scheduler page to book family dining for a student in a different grade.

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled lunch and proceed to the front office to check in.

  • Please do not take pictures/video of any students other than your family.

  • Food may not be shared with other children/friends.

  • Please do not ask other students (other than your child) to sit at the table with you.

  • Please remember to respect the confidentiality of other students. Do not share situations you observe outside of school.

Available dates thru June are highlighted